Photo By : Davina Daras 

Photo By : Davina Daras 

About Me! 

My name is Em, I am 20 years old and a freelance photographer based out of Portland, ME (although I am available for travel as well). I shoot a variety of subjects including music , travel/ lifestyle, but mainly I shoot portraits!  

Photography is my biggest passion in this world, it quiets the world around me and the only thing important when I'm shooting is getting that shot. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Music is also a huge inspiration to me and my work and all around keeps me alive. 

What is so incredible about photography is that 1,000 photographers could take a photo of the same person or place and you would get 1,000 unique and separate pictures of it with each telling such a different story.

So if you would allow me to, I would love to share your story and my vision with you. 

Info :

Instagram : @ Venomnightmedia

Facebook : @ Venomnight

Twitter : @ Venomnight_